Why Children need special care while treating Malaria?

Do children need special care while treating MALARIA??

Malaria is the deadly disease caused by parasite ‘plasmodium’, injected in body by the bite of female anopheles mosquito. According to experts it is called as the disease of poverty-afflicting primarily the poor who tend to live in malaria-prone rural living areas. Humid and warm climate is perfect for mosquitoes breeding and dampness aggravates it also.

Facts related to Malaria:

  • Worldwide 300-500 million people are infected with malaria each year with about 2 million people dying each year.
  • 90% of malarial deaths occur in Africa. 77% of those who died from malaria are children under 5 which means 483,000 lives lost every year or one child every minute.
  • Malaria is both preventable and treatable, and effective preventive and curative tools have been developed. When properly treated, a patient with malaria can expect a complete recovery.

Do MEDICINES matter?

Advanced researches in anti-malarial medicines help doctors to treat it in better way. New approach is required to cure children and counter drug resistance because

  • Severe Malaria can kill within 24 hours, without appropriate treatment.
  • Children are not just little adults .They absorb and metabolize medicines differently. Children need medicines adapted to their weight and age.
  • Anti-malarials are bitter. Children often vomit the medicines and so do not receive a complete curative dose.

Does speed matters?

To get straight into the blood stream and kill the malaria parasite as quickly as possible, treatment for severe malaria must be an injectable like Injectable artesunate is the WHO-recommended treatment for severe malaria.

Does Formulation matters?

Antimalarials must be adapted to their physiological needs of children and prescribed according to their weight and stage of development. In addition, they should be palatable to children to ensure they reeive a complete curative dose.


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