IT professionals – High risk of Hypertension

Are IT professionals are on high risk of Hypertension???

Hypertension is famous as a Silent Killer since it is left untreated. Once People think it to be a problem of old aged people but now it’ s been affecting every group of age. All those who are working all the daylong by sitting in their chairs, in front of their laptops and other types of jobs with less mobility are more prone to Hypertension.

Moreover, stress at workplace is a contributing factor for people developing hypertension. As hypertension can lead to multiple complications, it is necessary that precautions are taken to avoid getting it. Different studies in different Public Health Institutes have reiterated the point that there is indeed truth in the fact that stress at workplace and hypertension are related.

The Indian Institute of Public Health, Bangalore, revealed that alarming situation that around 31percent of IT/BPO professionals are hypertensive with about 5 percent malignant levels of hypertension. Different triggering factors like occupational and contextual stressors, including time pressure, experience, shift work, job control, income, autonomy (liberty at work), appreciation, physical and work environment were considered to assess whether the hypertension is triggered because of stress, are also being judged.

The study also revealed that longer the professionals worked in the sector, the lower the odds of getting hypertension. “Compared with beginners and mid-career professionals, those employees who have put in 12-15 years of service revealed relatively less percentage of hypertension. This would mean that the older workers would have either accustomed well and manage the stress factors efficiently, or younger workers who cannot manage stressors leave the job sooner (and therefore, they are not part of the older workforce). Those who cope with stressors well might be blessed with better buffer mechanisms such as family support, support from friends, or meditation to relieve the harmful effects of stress

Research also showed that lack of support from peers or supervisors, undue pressure created by unrealistic deadlines, and less freedom at work. Add to all these the potent mixture of an unhealthy lifestyle characterised by poor dietary intake, lack of physical activity, and increased tobacco and alcohol consumption”.

As a result a sudden rush of stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. Over a period of time, these hormones eventually shoot up the blood pressure, causing hypertension

How to cure this Problem?

Physical fitness, exercises and stress free environment can be helpful. The companies should invest to facilitate his workers with Yoga exercises, fitness centers and all of above arrange small events on weekends. Cycling tours and walking tours can be a good opportunity to relax and do some physical activities with having fun. Awareness of benefits of being healthy is also very important.


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