The International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences, also known as the ISCOMS is one of the world’s leading student conferences on (bio)medical sciences. The ISCOMS is not just any regular conference however, it is a non-profit organization made up of students that aims to promote student research and the international exchange of it. Throughout our three day conference we therefore offer a stimulating venue for student research exchange and give students the opportunity to broaden their social and scientific network. Our scientific programme includes different researches from students all over the world which are presented in poster, oral or plenary form, all in front of an international and professional audience. Along with these student sessions there will be fascinating keynote lectures and hands-on workshops. Along with a rich scientific programme we also have an elaborate social programme, filled with dinners and parties giving a chance for all the participants to get to know and have fun with each other and the ISCOMS organisation.

Facts and figures

Over the last few years the ISCOMS has shown an impressive growth. In 20 years we have grown into one of the world’s leading conferences of its kind. At the 19th edition of the ISCOMS in 2012 we were happy to welcome over 500 participants from 47 different countries. This year we recieved 795 abstracts from 55 different countries. 342 presenters are selected for a poster, oral or plenary session.

Why participate?

The world is filled with a growing amount of conferences, some right around the corner.
So why pick the ISCOMS?

  • Present your research in front of an international and professional audience.
  • Get new insights and exchange research with students from all over the world.
  • Get to know researchers throughout the programme and at our speed-dating workshop and thereby opening a door to a international career opportunities.
  • Get to know and have fun with the participants and the entire ISCOMS organising committee during our dinner and parties and thereby growing your social scientific programme.
  • Learn and get inspired during our prosperous scientific programme filled with high quality student presentations, a Nobel prize winning and other renowned keynote lecturers and active workshops.

Interested in more research?

Talented and ambitious students can apply for an ISCOMS Research Fellowship (IRF). During an IRF, students participate in a challenging two week research oriented programme in the UMCG. Moreover, participating in an IRF could act as a link towards a PhD in the UMCG. For more information about the IRF’s click here.

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